POSTED 24.04.2014 // Kl. 12:33

Nytt liv i London...

How to start a new project in your life... ? JustSTART.

You will need a large suitcase to move on,NO.It helps to realise that we don't need so many things that we get used to. It's hard to realise that you want, especially when everyone around says that you need to do. But this is YOU... YOUR LIFE... YOUR DECISION... YOUR MISTAKES...YOUR DREAMS... and you really do not need to be a PERFECT to be YOURSELF.

OK. You are in the point when you feel lost and you don't know that to do ... it means that you have all opportunities around. Now I'll choose two ways which helps me to build my one of my personality side. I fall in love with MAKE-UP art ... I want to add my skills and become a real pro :) Include that my passion is clothes design - I'm on my way to create playful, sexy, comfortable girls wear collection. I think that LONDON will be perfect city to improve it.

So that should I do...JUST START .

Hei & velkommen Her kan du skrive litt om deg selv. Lurer du p noe om meg s klikk her.

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